Cleansing Milk

A smooth-textured gentle cleansing milk that cleanses skin delicately without harming the epidermis and its natural pH balance and also has whitening element for lightening of your complexion.

Price S$73.90 incl GST (150ml)

Lightening Toner

A delightful and refreshing lotion, it promotes the lightening of the complexion and helps to soothe irritations caused by environmental agents leaving skin bright and luminous.

Price S$73.90 incl GST (150ml)

Lightening Wash

This gentle cleanser contains mulberry root extract and other skin lighteners, it prevents the appearance of freckles and skin darkening.

Price S$73.90 incl GST (150ml)

Whitening Milk Mask

This mask is enriched with Chamomile extract, Allantoin and the purest essence of Linked Papain to lighten discolouration and improve skin luminosity.

Price S$16.10 incl GST

(per piece)